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Berry Patch


Strawberry season for 2007 was completed July 2. We will begin again June 1 2008.  
PYO for 2008 will be $1.50/quart and ready picked will be $2.50. Quart baskets are supplied. The strawberry plants are growing well after the deluge in August and should produce a nice amount of berries next year.

Red Raspberries

In 2005 we started picking reds July 15, this year July 10. We will pick these until October. PYO for 2006 will be $1.50/pint and ready picked are $2.50/pint. Baskets are supplied.

Black Raspberries

These need another year to mature and will be available in 2007 about July 15.

Golden Raspberries


We are picking some of these now. This is a late August maturing large berry. The flavor is similar to our reds, but slightly sweeter. The price is the same as the reds.


The blackberry crop should be ready to start picking mid-July. Last years berries were very large and tasty, this years' crop looks good.
PYO pints are $2 and ready picked are $3/pint for 2007.
Blackberries will be picked up until a hard frost in the new variety.


This patch is still needing time to mature, but we should have some berries this year to sell as ready picked for $3/ pint. The berries that we picked started ripenning July 1 and because we didn't use netting a lot of berries were "offered" up to the birds.